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About L'unica Beauty

Celebrating 30 years of dedicated service to the salon professional, L’unica Beauty is an Arizona based independent professional salon distributor providing service to Arizona, Nevada and Utah. With stores located in Scottsdale, AZ and Las Vegas, NV. Its our mission to always provide the best in salon products, education, delivery times and customer service. As a family owned business and multi-line professional salon distributor we understand the importance of great customer service and diligence with every one of our salon professionals….


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Our Mission

L'unica Beauty Salon Professionals is a leading professional salon distributor, distributing the top salon brands throughout Arizona, Nevada and Utah. L'unica Beauty Salon Professionals is fully committed in distributing the best salon beauty products to each and every salon and stylist and offering stylists and salons top education classes and resources.

L'unica Beauty Salon Professionals | Arizona | Nevada | Utah