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Kadus Professional



At Kadus Professional there are a four things that set us apart:


RELIABLE products because your clients’ happiness depends on the quality of your products and services.

INTUITIVE techniques and services that can be quickly reapplied in the salon the next day because we know your time is precious.

ACCESSIBLE education available 24/7 digitally to support your on-the-go lifestyle.

SOCIAL community because we feel things are at their best when we are working as a team.

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Our Mission

L'unica Beauty Salon Professionals is a leading professional salon distributor, distributing the top salon brands throughout Arizona, Nevada and Utah. L'unica Beauty Salon Professionals is fully committed in distributing the best salon beauty products to each and every salon and stylist and offering stylists and salons top education classes and resources.

L'unica Beauty Salon Professionals | Arizona | Nevada | Utah