milk_shake illuminate pure pigment

spectacular color tones to personalize the hair during styling milk_shake® illuminate pure pigment is a concentrated coloring for hair with an immediate action, which can be used both on untreated and color-treated hair, to be used with milk_shake® illuminate quick light. Gives versatility to the lightening process, gives color tones, and illuminates the hair with creative chromatic effects on the hair. It is available in 6 vibrant shades: gold, red, blue, violet, copper, and brown. It contains hydrolyzed keratin, ideal to strengthen the hair for greater structure, conditioning, and deep protection. It is also ammonia-free and ideal for those clients who want to personalize their hair cur with creative chromatic effects.

Use: add enough milk_shake® illuminate quick light to a non-metallic bowl to create the desired effect according to the sections that need lightening. For an illuminating effect on a few strands, 10ml of product is enough. Add milk_shake® illuminate pure pigment in a ratio that doesn’t exceed 50% of the quantity of lightening lotion, then mix until the formula has been blended. E.g.: 10ml of milk_shake® illuminate quick light 5 ml milk_shake® illuminate pure pigment (maximum quantity). The formula is then ready to use and must always be applied to clean, dry hair. Apply to the selected section of hair, distribute the formula with a comb and iron the section with a flat iron until obtaining the desired effect. For a stronger color effect, iron the hair several times, whilst being careful to respect the hair’s structure. Do not apply to previously lightened or bleached hair.


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