When you open your new salon, it can be a challenge to get new clientele. Drawing in people who want to come back and give you their business is essential to a thriving salon. It’s not as hard as it seems, but patience is the key! We’re going to give you 4 tips on how to grow your customer base and get new people coming back consistently for your services. 

Free Consultations and Add-On Services

Who doesn’t like free things? Just getting people in the door to see what you’re about is a great opportunity to show off what you’re capable of. A free consultation encourages people to come in, check out your salon and stylists and put the word out about your services. You can give people free add-ons as well, like a free shampoo or blow-out for your first haircut with you. Incentivizing people to give you a try creates a customer relationship that you can nurture and turn into a long-term one!

Discounts are great too based on how your salon pays your stylists, it’s always important to check with stylists about how discounts would work for them or if that’s something they’d be interested in doing. Always check in with your stylists, it builds a good relationship with them and makes for happier employees, which means happier customers too!

Specialize in Something Others Can’t Compete With

Look at the market around you, is there something missing? Being an expert in something is a great way to get reliable clients and become the talk of the town. It’s especially good if you’re the only one doing it! Whether it’s being an artist with fashion colors or a pro at color corrections, put yourself out there as the best choice in your area. 

Offering services as an all-in-one package is another good idea too. Have you noticed a lack of legitimate lash technicians or microbladers in your area? Consider offering those types of services at your salon, it can encourage people to get more services done with you or get the interest of people looking for those services. 

Referral Incentives and Bringing Your Friends

Incentivizing people to bring their friends or family for rewards is a great way to bring in new potential long-term clients. You can offer a discount, free haircut, gift cards, and pretty much whatever you want for referrals. Rewards programs for multiple visits or multiple referrals can get people to continue coming to you. This recruits your clients to go out and help you get more clients, and people are more likely to listen to their friends and family when it comes to suggestions. 

When you start to get multiple clients that know each other, it creates a sense of community and your salon can become a hub for people. Getting to know your community this way is a fulfilling experience and an example of a successful salon! You’ll have clients for life.

Invest in Your Studio or Salon and Let Your Personality Shine Through!

Building out your salon to be a paradise for clients is good, but don’t lose who you are in the process. People are interested in investing in people these days, think about your core values and the things you love most about what you do. If you want to represent your culture or if you’re just a plant lover, make your space represent that! You’ll give people insight into who you really are and they’ll love you for it. This salon is yours, you can make it however you want. 

This includes services and refreshments you offer as well. Have you ever thought about how nice it would be to have a glass of wine while you get pampered? Getting your hair done or having a spa day should be relaxing, you can put your own personal touches based on how you like to relax. Give people the option to have the experience of your dreams!

June 13, 2023 — Cambria Davidson