Framesi® is dedicated to you, the professional. Our products have always been professional only and are sold exclusively to licensed hairdressers. framesi® never sells its products to retail chains or discount beauty outlets. So when you use framesi®, you know you are giving your clients the best that only you can give.

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Framesi Barber Gen Volumizing Lotion
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100 ml / 3.4 oz250 ml / 8.5 oz
2001 Base Breaker
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Framcolor Eclectic
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2NE Natural Deep Brown3NE Dark Chestnut4NE Medium Chestnut5NE Light Chestnut6NE Dark Blonde7NE Medium Blonde8NE Light Blonde9NDE Pale Natural Golden Blonde6DE Dark Golden7DE Medium Golden8DE Pale Golden9DE Very Pale Golden6RDE Dark Golden Coppery Blonde7RDE Medium Golden Coppery Blonde8RDE Light Golden Coppery Blonde4CVE Medium Purple Chestnut5ME Light Violet Mahogany Chestnut0E Neutral6VE Pure Violet7AE Pure Orange7RE Pure Red9GE Pure Yellow4HCE Medium Hazel Chocolate5HCE Light Hazel Chocolate6HCE Dark Blonde Chocolate7HCE Medium Blonde Chocolate8HCE Light Blonde Chocolate9HCE Very Light Blonde Chocolate6RFE Medium Fire Red7RFE Pale Fire Red7PE Pearl Medium Blonde8PE Light Pearl Blonde9PE Very Light Pearl Blonde3IN Dark Chestnut Intense Natural4IN Medium Chestnut Intense Natural5IN Light Chestnut Intense Natural6IN Dark Blonde Intense Natural7IN Medium Blonde Intense Natural8IN Light Blonde Intense Natural8CT Cool Anti-Orange Toner9CT Cool Anti-Yellow Toner9HT Warm Caramel Toner9AT Warm Apricot Toner5SE Dark Smokey Gray6SE Medium Smokey Gray7SE Smokey Gray8SE Light Smokey Gray9SE Very Light Smokey Gray+ 45 more
Framcolor 2001 Intense
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4.00 Medium Brown Intense5.00 Light Brown Intense6.00 Dark Blonde Intense7.00 Medium Blonde Intense8.00 Light Blonde Intense9.00 Ultra Light Blonde Intense6.031 Dark Gold Cool7.031 Medium Gold Cool8.031 Light Gold Cool9.036 Ultra Light Blonde Sandy Beige6.024 Dark Blonde Moka7.024 Medium Blonde Moka8.024 Light Blonde Moka6.021 Dark Blonde Frozen Brown7.021 Medium Blonde Frozen Brown8.021 Light Blonde Frozen Brown5.055 Deep Red6.055 Deep Light Red4.066 Extreme Dark Violet5.066 Extreme Light Violet10.66 Violet Platinum Blonde10.62 Mother of Pearl Blonde4.024 Medium Brown Moka5.024 Light Brown Moka6.036 Dark Blonde Sandy Beige7.036 Medium Blonde Sandy Beige8.036 Light Blonde Sandy Beige6.046 Dark Amber Blonde7.046 Medium Amber Blonde8.046 Light Amber Blonde6.044 Dark Red Copper7.044 Medium Red Copper8.044 Light Red Copper10.00 Ultra Light Blonde6.035 Dark Blonde Hazelnut7.035 Medium Blonde Hazelnut8.035 Light Blonde Hazelnut10.21 Platinum Frozen Ice Blonde10.31 Platinum Cool Gold Blonde10.26 Platinum Ice Pearl Blonde+ 37 more