While you’re planning to build out your salon, it’s a good idea to consider a balance between things you want to do and things that other people want to get done. You have the opportunity to cultivate a wide variety of talent around you while offering options that your community will love! 

How to Decide What Services to Provide At Your Hair Salon

Deciding what services to provide at your salon is entirely up to you. Having popular options benefits your salon if you can do them well, and having options that aren’t offered as much in your community gives you a unique variety of services that can get you clients for life. 

  • Colors, Cuts, and Chemical Treatments. This is what the average person usually thinks of when they’re considering going to a salon. Looking at your talent pool as far as stylists go can help you determine if you want to specialize in things like fashion colors, alternative cuts, or perms, and it’s always important to make sure your stylists can work on a variety of hair.

  • Braids, Styling, and More. This can be anything from updos for weddings to protective styles and more. Sometimes people prefer to spruce up the hair they already have or are trying to grow their hair out.

  • Additional Services. Other than hair, it’s becoming increasingly popular to provide other services at salons such as lash extensions and microblading. You could become a one-stop-shop for people to get beauty services, and it would be a good excuse to upsell as well. Just make sure your stylists are properly trained for these types of services before providing them.

Most Popular Salon Services

Whether it be trendy or classic, these are some of the services that are the most sought after by clients. If you can get them done well, you’ll have clients coming back for a long time.

  • Colors. Whether it be fashion colors, color correcting, platinum cards, or just a simple all-over color, nothing feels better than refreshing your look with a new color! Clients want knowledgeable and realistic stylists that can get them to a new color they’ll love. 

  • Haircuts. Most people prefer to have regular haircuts, so having an arsenal of stylists who can do a variety of hair types, as well as trendy styles, will give you a wider net to bring in return clients.

  • Protective Styles and Silk Presses. While the demand for these services are high, they can often be hard to come by in certain communities. Providing these services to your curly and coily clients will empower them to have more options to keep their hair healthy and feel good about themselves! 

  • Extensions and Wig Installs. Sometimes we don’t want to wait for our hair to grow out, or maybe we have thinning hair. Having knowledgeable stylists who are up to date on the best ways to install extensions or wigs can be an essential part of your business. In some cases, it can even help change lives for people who have lost their hair due to illness. 

  • Lashes, Wax, and More. Basic waxing services for eyebrows and facial hair have been popular services for decades now. Lash extensions, lash lifts, eyebrow laminating, and microblading are just a few of the new popular services to get! If you have the space, being a multi-functional salon could be to your benefit. 

Most Expensive Salon Services

Clients should expect in some cases to shell out the big bucks for specific services that require a lot of time, skill, and supplies. It’s well earned, your expertise as a stylist is put to the test in these situations! 

  • Extensions. The process of installing extensions can cost thousands, color matching and blending takes time and an expert eye. Hours can be spent installing individual bundles to get a perfectly blended look. Human hair will make up a good majority of the cost as well, as human hair is expensive.

  • Color Corrections and Blondes. Color corrections can get to be $100/hr or more and multiple sessions at some salons depending on the state of the hair! It takes hours, lots of product, and a lot of accuracy to get a client’s hair in good shape with a consistent color. Additionally, people going blonde can have a similar experience, everyone wants to try out being a blonde bombshell at least once! Depending on the client, it can take several bowls of lightener and several sessions over time to get the desired result. 

Salon Services with the Best Profit Margins

  • Haircuts. Cutting someone’s hair takes little product at all, and usually less than an hour. The time spent means there’s barely any monetary loss.

  • Styling. Similarly, styling updos and basic blowouts take so few products compared to color or chemical treatments that it’ll cost you a small amount to do them. 
June 13, 2023 — Cambria Davidson