As a client, we have no problems finding places to buy all the hair care supplies we could dream of. It can be overwhelming sometimes with the number of products available to us and wholesale for your salon is no exception. Learning how to source products your clients will love and your stylists will love using will be a piece of cake after learning these tips.

Understanding Products You Need for Your Hair Salon

You’re probably already familiar with most of these, but it’s easy to forget a couple things when you’re working on opening your own salon.

  • Shampoos and Conditioners. You’ll want shampoos and conditioners that cater to a wide variety of hair types, levels of damage, and more. If you do a lot of fashion color, tinted shampoos and conditioners are great as well. 

  • Styling products. Showing clients how to do their hair feels counter-intuitive when you can’t let them buy the products you just used on them. You’ll miss out on sales that way, so consult with your stylists to see what everyone is using.

  • Toners, Developer, and Bleach. Two of the most popular services people look for at a salon are color corrections and going blonde! It’s always a great idea to stay up to date on the latest techniques, as new formulas are always coming out. Lunica Beauty offers hands-on classes showcasing how to use some of our retail items! You can contact us at for more info.

  • Makeup and More. Whatever else you specialize in, its always a good idea to research your tools. From microblading to facials and makeup, choosing cheap products will never pay off. 

Where Do Salons Get Their Products From? 

When you start a business, you’ll have to research wholesale companies to decide where you’d like to get your product from. You can source from multiple areas, and unlike buying things as a normal consumer, you can negotiate prices. A big part of getting the best deals has to do with building relationships with your wholesale accounts. You don’t have to go with cheap product just to save money.

How to Find a Place to Buy Hair Salon Products

Depending on your area, you can often find local salon retailers near you! Buying local and putting money back into your community is a great option that can turn into a mutually beneficial relationship. You also have the option of looking for places online. Remember, you don’t have to have one source for all your needs.

  • Quality vs Quantity. Once you’ve found a wholesaler that you want to place an order with, it’s a good idea to ask for a sample of some of the products they have. This is especially useful for things you’ve never tried before. You’ll want to look out for things like damaged boxes and product past expiration dates as well. Cutting corners with quality always comes at a cost.

  • Building Relationships. Instead of just committing to a transaction, go out of your way to call and email your wholesaler. Introduce yourself as a new salon owner and have them guide you through the process of buying from them. They’ll remember that you’re friendly and enjoyable to work with.

  • milk_shake is a brand specializing in shampoos and conditioners, ranging from daily use products for people who need that extra boost of clean everyday to leave in conditioning sprays that’ll leave your hair silky smooth. milk_shake products come in eco-friendly biodegradable bottles and uses natural products to bring out the best in all hair types.

  • Babe Hair Extensions is a brand providing ethically sourced human hair extensions in a variety of application styles, colors, and lengths up to 24 inches! Babe Hair Extensions also provides free installation classes and a variety of certification programs. There’s nothing better than having a client leave with beautiful, long, perfectly blended hair!

  • Lilash is a brand for anyone looking to have long, lucious lashes or enhanced eyebrow growth. Lilash provides a collection of serums and mascaras that naturally boost the length, thickness, and overall look of your lashes and eyebrows. Formulated by physicians, you can see results in as little as 30 days! 
June 13, 2023 — Cambria Davidson