Framcolor 2001

By framesi
Framcolor 2001 is formulated with the BOOSTER SYSTEM HI-TECH technology that boosts coloring performance from every point of view.
Feature Benefit
Vegetable Coconut Oil Cream Base- Coconut oil is superior to all vegetable oils in penetrating the hair fiber to minimize protein loss during a chemical service Superior Condition Resilience/Shine Protects hair fiber
Perfectly calibrated level system (11 levels)- Light to dark between each level is more accurately calibrated Precisely determines natural level More accuracy in formulating More precise, true to tone shades at each level
Yellow pigment added to Natural Series Superior gray coverage More perfectly balanced bases Perfectly natural results More light reflection
Pure base colors The purest Reds and Golds with no Browns Unlimited creativity Achieve the most vibrant, vivid results
Pre-blended colors The most beautiful natural Browns and Woodsy Browns for superior gray coverage on even the most resistant hair Beautiful, natural Reds without mixing Natural results with shine and condition
Low 2% Ammonia Less cuticle opening Less damage/fadage Protects the integrity of the hair/leaves it in superior condition
Over 80 shade selections with 23 base colors Less intermixing A multitude of shades to choose Unlimited creativity and endless possibilities
Framcolor 2001 has always offered unlimited creativity for the stylist with its pure based and pre-blended colors, resulting in a reflective natural finish with superior shine and condition. Artists need the proper tools to create their art behind the chair and make this world more beautiful. Framcolor 2001 offers the colorist: Unlimited coverage choices……from the most naturally reflective warm finish to a cooler, more dense, solid coverage. Unlimited color choices…. from the purest reds and golds to the most beautiful blended colors. Imagine the concept…..coverage as solid or as naturally reflective as you choose….shades as pure or as natural as you choose…..all with superior shine, condition and longevity known to framesi.

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