milk_shake k-respect smoothing treatment

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milk_shake® k-respect smoothing treatment is a smoothing anti-frizz treatment for hair. A professional treatment for all hair types to remove frizz and create a long-lasting straightening action on the hair. Contains precious organic oils from the Amazon that have an anti-frizz action, murumuru butter, and milk proteins with a nourishing action.

Use: cleanse the hair with milk_shake® k-respect preparing shampoo, cleansing lengths, and ends thoroughly. Blow-dry 80% of the hair using a flat brush. Dose the product (approx. 2oz. for medium-length hair) in a non-metallic bowl, wear protective gloves, and apply with a brush, starting at approx. 0.2 inches from the roots. Distribute the product over lengths and ends and leave it to process for 20 to 35 minutes. Do not clip or tie hair. If necessary, rinse excess product slightly. Dry the hair with a flat brush, then flat iron 0.4 inches wide sections at a medium speed, ironing from 6 to 20 times, with temperatures ranging from 335°F – 410°F according to the structure and condition of the hair. After a minimum of 2 days (48 hours), cleanse the hair with milk_shake® k-respect smoothing shampoo and condition with smoothing conditioner.