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Salon Rewards Program

milk_shake is excited to present you with their SALON REWARDS PROGRAM. Designed to reward loyal customers with support tools that will help your business grow.

This program will provide your salon with numerous benefits, such as education, free backbar, station products, samples and marketing tools, based on the level of your purchases.

5 Easy Steps to Get Rewarded

1_ Complete and submit your Salon/Stylist registration form to your local distributor. You may enroll into the program at any point during a quarter by simply filling out the form. You will be enrolled in the program retroactively from your first purchase of the most current quarter.

2_ Keep a minimum product assortment required* and purchase a minimum of $1,500 per quarter to qualify. It’s just $500 a month! The more you spend the more rewards you get, up to 17% of your total purchases.

3_ At the end of each quarter, after your distributor has verified your purchase history, you will receive a statement and order form indicating how much you have spent and the amount of Reward $ you have earned.

4_ Redeem your rewards for back bar, station products, developers, tools, marketing materials and education. You must redeem all of your product and merchandising rewards dollars within 4 weeks from the end of each quarter by placing a single ‘Rewards Order’. Your Education dollars can be carried over from quarter to quarter but no longer than 12 months.

5_ After selecting your free products, submit the order form to your distributor and you will receive the products selected with your next order. It’s that simple!