Cheers Haters - Pop Up

By Framar

500 sheets - 5x11" - pre-cut - pre-folded foil

Have a roaring good time, ‘Old Sport’!

Tell me more: Raise a champagne toast to this gorgeous Gatsby inspired pattern, featuring 2 dazzling colorways that alternate for your highlights and lowlights! Let this dreamy design ring in the roaring 20’s vibes behind your chair!


  • This gorgeous, Gatsby inspired patterned foil with emerald and gold details is guaranteed to make every process a party for you and your client!
  • Pre-cut and pre-folded foils that are ready when you are. No prep needed!
  • Embossed texture prevents foils from slipping so that you can breeze through any service.
  • Featuring a stunning ‘switch’ design, this foil comes with alternating art deco patterns to complement your highlights and lowlights!
  • Includes our signature perforated, adjustable ‘Push Up Base’, designed to keep foils extra perky for ultimate convenience, just how you like ‘em!

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