Framcolor Visible Roll

By framesi
The Revolutionary Transparent Color Tool that Creates Innovative Effects!
Multiple color options are easier to execute than ever before!

The Framcolor Visible Rolls have a thinner plastic and adhesive than previous rolls sold before
2018. Extensive testing found these new Visible Rolls to offer the following enhanced features:
  • More flexible than foil
    • Visibles’ hypoallergenic adhesive strip allows for perfect positioning and

    • The Visible Dispenser has a serrated edge to cut the strips into the lengths you
      desire and can adhere to your station for ease of use.

  • Unlimited Creativity
    • When using Visible, you can “see” the color application
    • It helps you choose which shade should follow the section, keeps the color formulas separate, and you can visualize the color during processing.

Visible Roll Dimensions:
  • 25 meters long = 82 feet
  • A total of 246 4” pieces

EASY AS 1, 2, 3
  1. Cut Visible strip along the serrated edge to the desired length
  2. Apply adhesive-side down to the desired section, apply color, roll, or fold to seal
  3. Apply water to the adhesive strip at the shampoo bowl after the processing time is complete, Visible will quickly slip away from the hair
Visualize Artistry...Visualize Unlimited Creativity...Visualize Innovation

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