milk_shake insta.lotion

What is milk_shake insta.lotion?

milk_shake insta.lotion is a treatment with milk proteins, hyaluronic acid, lemon and blueberry extracts. In just a few seconds it detangles hyaluronic acid that’s as light as water and in just a few seconds gives manageability, shine, hydration and smoothness. It has a gorgeous fragrance: sweet and fruity peach notes refresh the senses with a delicate and lively fragrance, a cocktail of pure happiness.

What does it do?

In just a few seconds it detangles and hydrates the hair, giving instant shine and removing frizz. Its liquid texture is as light as water and easy to apply, smoothing the hair’s porosity and closing the hair cuticles, giving mirror-like shine! Ideal for color-treated, chemically-treated or dry hair.


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