milk_shake lifestyling dry shampoo


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milk_shake dry shampoo is a special powder-based formula that absorbs accumulated sebum on the hair and counteracts the shine, flatness, and odor of greasy hair, which tends to look dirty. It has an ultra-fine, instant formula. With just one gesture it refreshes the scalp for a fresh, clean feeling without using water, for a light result with no residue. Leaves hair looking cleaner for longer. Contains a specially modified starch that helps to absorb sebum to reduce the unwanted shine and heaviness created by scalp impurities. Hemp seed oil, with nourishing and emollient properties for the scalp and hair. milk_shake® dry shampoo gives a fresh and light sensation that restores the clean look and feel of the hair without using cleansers or water. It’s a product that is increasingly popular as a practical, last-minute solution, and an alternative to cleansing with traditional shampoos. It’s the ideal solution when you need a quick fix when you cannot wash your hair with water.

Use: shake before use, spray onto roots, wait a few moments, then style using hands or a brush.