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Morphosis Scalp Control Exfoliate

By framesi

Irritated scalp, itching and limp hair are the annoying consequences of oily scalp and dandruff. A mistake made by numerous sufferers of these complaints is to treat the scalp with an aggressive shampoo, which further stimulates the production of dandruff and sebum. The secret of effective treatment, however, is to regulate these problems with special products that exfoliate the scalp without trauma, rebalance the activity of the sebaceous glands and prolong the sensation of a fresh clean scalp. Recommended for all hair types to maintain a healthy scalp which will result in healthier hair.

Morphosis Scalp Control
• Removes all deposits of sebum and dandruff
• Soothes itching
• Regulates sebum (oil) production
• Ensures hair remains clean
• Color safe, will not build up
• For all hair types

Extracts of lemon, orange and pomegranate to refresh

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