Babe Loop Tool

By Babe

The Babe Loop tool is a time-saving, must-have tool when installing Babe’s beads onto your client’s hair! The Loop Tool easily and efficiently aides in applying Babe I-Tip, Flat-Tip and sew in hair extension methods (including Babe Hand Tied and Machine Sewn wefts). String 40-50 beads on the loop tool to minimize time spent reloading, and get started on faster and more efficient installations of our 100% human remy hair.

The loop is made of 100% nylon, so it’s easy to clean and is much more durable than other loop tools on the market.

Slide the beads on the loop tool, stacking from the base and working up. Take the section of hair and pull it through the loop and move the bead up the loop and onto the hair. String the bead on and work from there!

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