Morphosis Purifying Shampoo

By framesi

Of all the unwelcome disorders affecting hair, dry scalp and/or dandruff causes the greatest discomfort because, as well as itching and irritating, it looks unpleasant on clothing. Treatments to solve dry scalp and/or dandruff will also help restore your customers’ self-esteem. Dandruff can be effectively removed with constant, non-aggressive care that restores the scalp’s hydrolipid balance, purifying it from deposits that prevent oxygenation. Mid-lengths, which tend to become limp and subject to static electricity, are immediately improved and conditioned.

Morphosis Purifying
• Stops flaking
• Restores scalp’s natural balance
• Relieves itching
• Prevents static
• Color safe, will not build up
• For all hair types

Certified organic orange extract


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